Video Game Comics

Inquisitor of the People
We Grew Up
Who Watches the Watch Dogs?
Fight for Federation
Centre Trained Hood
The Electric Man
Brain Damage
The League of Extraordinary Mass Murders
A Finger Pointing Away to the Moon
Nathan Drake: The Later Years
The "Sex Box" Race for President
A Thing by any Other Name
Zack Fair has come unstuck in time
Puns of the Patriots
The Devil Wears Prada
Super Scruffs Bros Brawl
Midgar Standard Time
Busted Gears
The Hall of Inaccurate Game Subtitles
Deep in the Henne Mines...
Quick Break for WoW
Hall of Forgotten Video Game Hero's Brothers
Gameboy Advance Micro
Sounds Like a Hit
World's #1 Spy
Hawk & Mark

The Ark - Part 1 - Creatures of the Running World - Winter Run - Nuclear Device - Marathon Man - Mind-meld - Economy of Minds - There's No Help Coming - Lost in Translation - Creeps and Crazies - The Poop Epic pt.1 - Poopassins - The Poop Epic pt.2 - Poopclusion - Gears of Snore - Daily Grind - JenovaBIRTH - 9 out of 10 Agree... - Bioschmuck - Past Masters - My Funny Valentine - A Fantasy by Any Other Name - Bob Dylan Went Electric - The Once and Future Dorks - Bob-omb - All in the Family - Like a Rolling Stone pt.1 - The Gathering - Like a Rolling Stone pt.2 - The Moss Effect - Ground Control to Major Hawk - Snuggle Party - Transfordom - The Boy Who Killed - Working Class Hero - Penny Arcade Lite - Mall Parking Garage Hyjinks - Apple Scruffs Masterpiece Theater - Spaceshield, Melting - Seesaw - The Greatest Generation - A Milestone in Insanity - An Underpants Caper - The Greatest Game Never Made - Magic Cheese Samba - The Rise and Fall of Nero - Alicia - Hell, Table for Two - All Kids Outta The Pool - Bearageddon - Creatures of the Forum World - The Chronicles of Pizza Boy and Ruff - God Bless You, Mr. Thompson - Fiesta Ball - Wiinderful - Willkommen - Oh Hideo, You Rascal - Earth Pizza Treats - Ads - Intermission - I Don't Know - It's an Addiction - Thank You - The Bed from Hell - Magical Mystery Tour - It's Because I Really Like Halo - You Don't Want to Know - The Few, The Proud, The l33t - Isn't it a Pity - Must See T.V. - Consoles, No More - Big Mouth - I Wasn't, I Swear!!! - Don't Ask - The Joys of Credit - Annoying, He Is - Hawkeye, Unbound - Nostalgia - Evil Gazoo - Sir-Rusts-Alot - PSP Dreams - Best Buy Blues - Best Buy Blues II - Indiana Hawkeye - Best. Review. Ever. - Titantic Ant - Suicide is Painless - Llama Farms - The Pants Incident - Anyone Would of - Robo-Tron pt.1 - Robo-Tron pt.2 - Robo-Tron pt.3

Completed Series
Earth's Last, Best Hope Series

Earth's Last, Best Hope pt.1 - Potential
Earth's Last, Best Hope pt.2 - A Rift in Time
Earth's Last, Best Hope pt.3 - Hide nor Hair
Earth's Last, Best Hope pt.4 - Nothing But(t) Jokes
Earth's Last, Best Hope pt.5 - Hungover
Earth's Last, Best Hope pt.6 - Final Battle
Earth's Last, Best Hope pt.7 - Anti-Climatic
Hawk Stalk Series

Hawk Stalk pt.1 - Betrayal
Hawk Stalk pt.2 - Tooth Fairy
Hawk Stalk pt.3 - Sympathy for Beelzebub
Hawk Stalk pt.4 - Epilogue
Aliem Invasion Series

Aliem Invasion pt.1
Aliem Invasion pt.2
Aliem Invasion pt.3
Aliem Invasion pt.4
Aliem Invasion pt.5
Aliem Invasion pt.6
Aliem Invasion pt.7
Aliem Invasion pt.8
Aliem Invasion pt.9
Aliem Invasion pt.10
Hawk's Death Series

Demons from Beyooond pt.1
Demons from Beyooond pt.2
Demons from Beyooond pt.3
Demons from Beyooond pt.4
The Rebirth pt.1
The Rebirth pt.2
The Rebirth pt.3
Hawk's Holiday Series

Hawk's Holiday pt.1 - The Departing
Hawk's Holiday pt.2 - Bites and Bounds
Hawk's Holiday pt.3 - The Reckoning
Hawk's Holiday pt.4 - Generations

Glamour Sport - Pap Smear - The Wizard of Sierra Club - Understand - A Song of Fire and Sneakers - Runner's Knee - FB Decoded - Console Wars - 99 Bottles of Beer - Blind Kids - God Bless You, Mr. Addams - A Handy Tool - Indians - Big Soba Noodles - How many Stormtroopers does it take... - Sans Jack Frost - Oh Bother! - Scandal in The Hundred Acre Wood - Death of Movies - A Smurf of All Seasons - And Really Bad Eggs... - Train Farm

Incomplete/Scraped Series
Hawkeye's Inferno Series

Hawkeye's Inferno pt.1 - Death of a Gamer
Hawkeye's Inferno pt.2 - Through the Gates
Hawkeye's Inferno pt.3 - Wiley Miller is an Ass
Adventures with Nanners Series

Adventures with Nanners pt.1
Adventures with Nanners pt.2
Adventures with Nanners pt.3
Adventures with Nanners pt.4
Adventures with Nanners pt.5
The Turnip Empire Series

The Turnip Empire pt.1 - Flight
The Turnip Empire pt.2 - Fallen Comrade
The Turnip Empire pt.3 - Subterranean Homesick Blues
The Turnip Empire pt.4 - Forward Moments
The Turnip Empire pt.5 - God out of the Machine
Baby Blues Series

Baby Blues pt.1 - Big News
Baby Blues pt.2 - Stranger Dreams